Month: March 2020

HTTP redirect to HTTPS from .htaccess

Here’s another quick guide! This time on how to redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS from your .htaccess file. It’ll cover how to: Redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS Redirect specific domain from HTTP to HTTPS Redirect specific folder from HTTP to HTTPS Redirect all traffic, except certain file(s), from HTTP to HTTPS Before we

Setting up DDNS with bash script Linux

Dynamic DNS, Y dis? Setting up Dynamic DNS from eg your home or small business office can come in very handy if your ISP changes your IP often. Some ISPs either don’t offer static IPs, or they simply charge too much for it. You may also run a game server and if you already own

Fake news. False! You won’t believe what happened next….

With the ever expanding internet, more people just trying to cash some of that ad-revenue money and most importantly, possibly less critical minds out there, fake news are being shared left and right. I’ve written about fake and scam competitions that took place on Facebook before, for example Scamiversary – You won!. I figured it

Log host up- or downtime bash script

I recently had the need to troubleshoot a server that kept losing connection. It was important to log the date and time, as well as the host I was pinging. At the same time I wanted to log it to a file, to easily check up on when the server had lost connection. Of course

Surface not charging more than ~47-50%

If you’re looking for find out what Battery Limit means, or if you’re simply not sure why your Surface device is not charging more than ~47-50% – Well, keep reading… What even is Battery Limit? The Battery Limit feature, that can be found in the BIOS of your Microsoft Surface device, is a feature made to

Laptop Battery Health Report

If you feel that your battery is not what it used to be on your laptop, but not sure about the actual state. You can generate a report directly from your laptop in command prompt. Press and hold Windows button + R Type cmd and hit Enter When the command prompt opens, type in powercfg /batteryreport