Surface not charging more than ~47-50%

If you’re looking for find out what Battery Limit means, or if you’re simply not sure why your Surface device is not charging more than ~47-50% – Well, keep reading…

What even is Battery Limit?

The Battery Limit feature, that can be found in the BIOS of your Microsoft Surface device, is a feature made to help you, not wearing out your battery. Say, for example, you work mostly with your laptop plugged in, the Battery Limit feature ensures that your battery is only charging up to 50%. The essence of this is like iOS’ Optimized Battery Charging feature, that learns from your daily routines and waits, topping up that remaining 20% to reach 100% to not “overload” the battery, thus prolonging it’s lifetime. However, this isn’t that smart.

As the feature only allows charging up to 50%, I would not recommend using it, unless you have the Surface connected to power, pretty much all the time. At least I drain 50% very quick on my Surface, the few times I do use the battery.

Enable or Disable Battery Limit

In order to enable or disable the feature, you need to boot up your Surface device into BIOS.

  1. Turn off the Surface
  2. Hold down Volume Up, then press Power while still holding Volume Up
  3. Once you get into the BIOS, go to Boot Configuration
  4. Under Advanced Options you’ll see Enable Battery Limit

Moving the slider to the ON position thus turns Battery Limit on, causing your Surface to only charge up to 50%. Turning the slider to the OFF position, allows your Surface to charge up to 100%.


Similar features are found in other laptops too. Some Lenovo Laptops charge only up to 97% (a replug of the cable often allows it to go up to 100%, but as far as I know, this is no bug, but a feature). Sony VAIO has also been reported to only charge up to 50% or 80%, depending on the setting.

Unfortunately for the Surface, we are limited to 50% charge. I would have probably used Battery Limit if I could change the percentage cap to, say, 80%.

How to know if I should use Battery Limit?

I would recommend enabling it if:

  • If you have your laptop/Surface plugged into a socket all the time
  • If you’re afraid that your battery is quickly degrading (might want to contact the manufacturer if it’s super quick or not an older machine)

Is there a clever way of knowing the battery health?

In order to determine your current battery health, you can follow this guide to create a battery health report.


Peace out!

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