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Google Chrome, trying to help or trying to pry?

What’s going on now? If you are a user of Google Chrome, you may have noticed a message/warning, from Google Chrome, if you have installed harmful software on your computer, or you simply visit harmful websites. In order for this to work, Google has worked with ESET (Security company), to create a tool that scans

Social Media and the Fake Accounts

Many people have tried, being added by a some random user on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There are a few different types of accounts that may add you, such as these two, very common accounts: Adult-rated accounts (clear from the profile picture). “Normal” accounts (they appear normal, but have close to

Facebook Privacy

Me, my friends and relatives, often discuss the subject of privacy on the internet. With social media constantly expanding its user base, as everybody and their mother, grandmother, kids, dogs and cats are getting a Facebook account, it has become as normal and natural as eating. You can put us social media users into many